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Welcome at eTradelink!

In this information age businesses still require the intelligence and experience of human beings to turn information into useful knowledge and good decisions.

The challenge of today is to leverage people`s knowledge onto a higher competitive plateau. The application of knowledge is playing an ever increasing role in organsizational success. Successful knowledge management implemented in your organisation is the key challenge of today.

Our Core Competencies 

Do you want to hire a knowledge manager?

Knowledge managers identify, protect and maximize knowledge-based assets or intellectual capital. When knowledge is applied to business processes it is why, where, when and how questions will be answered.

Go International

Communication technologies bring foreign markets and cultures so close to you that your business has to be successful internationally or your competitor will simply take over.  

Art to ask the right questions

You know the answers, the questions do not get asked by themselves. The right question at the right time will open doors for you. If there is an unanswered question, we will find the necessary answers. Together we develop a strategy, szenarios and implementation steps for your project.

Even the Aztecs were using principles of the digital markets of today ... read more.

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