Using the Internet is a global, grassroot phenomenon.


Even though governments and major corporations are debating (and iin some cases finding) the construction of the information superhighway. Thousands of educators and community members are not waiting but are using what's available now to transform today's classrooms into global learning environments.


The reality is that whenever someone who wants to learn to use online training as a tool has the opportunity to get online with or without the help of training, they can be using the tools in a few hours. Learning the harness of Internet resources does not require you to become an expert in computers, networking or advanced technology. The goal is to create an effective learning environment; the Internet is just a tool to help you achieve this goal. 


The Internet has changed forever the way of teaching and the way students learn. None of us is willing to go back to the way it was and we join with thousands of others waiting online to welcome you into this exiting process


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